Any National Bank or State Bank domiciled in the state of South Carolina, which is independently owned and controlled and conducts business as an independent bank in the State of South Carolina, is eligible to for membership into IBSC.


Any organization that provides or is seeking to provide goods and services to community banks in South Carolina is eligible for associate membership into IBSC. Some examples are listed below:

  • Equipment Vendors 
  • Legal Firms
  • Securities
  • Forms/Suppliers
  • Check/travelers check suppliers
  • CPA Firms
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Data Processing
  • Miscellaneous

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To extend the usefulness and influence of independent banks, both national and state chartered, through closer cooperation and greater uniformity of action among the INDEPENDENT BANKS OF SOUTH CAROLINA. The Association shall seek to promote new, more versatile and service conscious ideas, better business methods and higher ethical standards, and shall advocate and assist in the enactment of better State and Federal legislation for the protection of the public and the INDEPENDENT BANK.

Any person, firm or corporation in accord with the purposes of the Association is eligible to apply for associate membership. Except for voting rights, associate members shall be entitled to enjoy all the privileges and courtesies of the Association, including its General Conventions.

Membership Value


We monitor and/or lobby state and federal banking issues that directly affect SC Community banks. We communicate with state and federal leaders about key community bank legislation and regulations, and keep our members aware of current and pending issues. We assist our members in marketing the benefits of community banking to the general public.


We conduct seminars and host an annual convention to enhance communication with South Carolina community bankers. Through ICBA, we help facilitate both employee and director training and development, webinars on current regulatory issues, and programs on important banking topics.


IBSC endorses or markets high quality vendors after carefully vetting each provider. These vendors offer products or services at reduced costs to our members.

Peer Group Meetings

The peer group meetings provide a forum to discuss key issues and learn best practices form fellow bankers. Our members pride themselves on serving their communities. 

Leaders of Tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow program focuses on the development and education of the next generation of community bankers. Each year funds are raised to support the initiatives of our young leaders. 


Access to the online directory of current members published by the Association


Members are served from a well-equipped professionally staffed office located in Columbia, SC. The office phone number is (803) 537-0414.

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