What We Do...

Our mission of the Independent Banks of South Carolina Association (IBSC) is to provide the following:

  • A forum for the exchange of important information and ideas between community bankers and industry leaders.
  • To provide education and training opportunities for community bankers
  • To communicate to the public the vital role which community banks play in each local community.
  • To be an advocate for Federal and State legislation and policies which provide for sound economic development and preserve the competitive position of our member banks
  • To advance and safeguard the American system of community banking in the belief that is best suited to provide financial services to the diversified communities in SC and in the US.

Membership Value


We monitor and/or lobby state and federal banking issues that directly affect SC Community Banks. We communicate with state and federal leaders and regulations, and keep our members aware of current and pending issues. We assist our members in marketing the benefits of community banking to the general public.


We conduct seminars and host an annual convention to enhance communication with South Carolina community bankers. Through ICBA, we help facilitate both employee and director training and development, webinars on current regulatory issues, and programs on important banking topics.


IBSC endorses or markets high quality vendors after carefully vetting each provider. These vendors offer products or services at reduced costs to our members.

Peer Group Meetings:

The peer group meetings provide a forum to discuss key issues and learn best practices from fellow bankers. Our members pride themselves on serving their communities.

Leaders of Tomorrow:

The Leaders of Tomorrow program focuses on the development and education of the next generation of community bankers. Each year funds are raised to support the initiatives of our young leaders.