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The Independent Community Bankers of America, the nation’s voice for community banks of all sizes and charter types, is dedicated exclusively to representing the interests of the community banking industry and its membership through effective advocacy, best-in-class education and high-quality products and services. With 50,000 locations nationwide, community banks employ 700,000 Americans, hold $4.0 trillion in assets, $3.2 trillion in deposits and $2.7 trillion in loans to consumers, small businesses, and the agricultural community.


1 out of 3 and growing: ICBA Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ICBA Services Network. ICBA Securities (through its relationship with Vining Sparks) provides comprehensive balance sheet solutions to 2,500 community bank-focused clients (and growing).

Comprehensive Balance Sheet Support: Their support covers many areas: Asset/ Liability Management, liquidity assistance, commercial/residential loan portfolio analysis & trading, SBA/USDA analysis & trading, securities portfolio analysis & trading, bond accounting, safekeeping, interest rate products & hedging strategies, investment banking, wholesale funding, education, research, advocacy and much more.

Protection & Peer Leadership: ICBA Securities also has a mandated set of policies for the protection of its bank clients: rigorous sales rep requirements, a suitable security list, and a pricing policy that is determined by its Board of Directors (also community bankers).

State & National Association Support: Finally, ICBA Securities has a unique, formal agreement to return all of its earnings to either state associations or its parent, the ICBA, in the form of royalties and dividends.


Navigating today’s complex compliance requirements can be frustrating and exhausting Compliance Adviser provides the support you need…as a direct benefit of your membership! The most important feature of Compliance Adviser is that it allows you, at no cost, to call or email questions related to federal rules and regulations to community bank compliance professionals. The service prides itself on quick feedback that’s easy to read and is supported by necessary citations and agency references. Emails can be submitted anytime and calls are usually answered between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST on banking days. Response times vary based upon the complexity of the question, but the vast majority are answered same day. In addition, you will have unlimited online access to:

• “Featured Resources” that include guidelines and overviews aimed at specific regulatory   requirements in an easy to understand format that are great for training and reference.

• A searchable Legal Ease archive containing hundreds of questions and answers. Legal Ease   is based upon actual questions submitted and new ones are added weekly.

• A moderated Forum for sharing questions and obtaining feedback from your industry peers.

• Selected resources from the regulators.

• Monthly Capitol Comments newsletter that provides select compliance and legal items that   are most important to community bankers.


Save up to 35% with IBSC/ Dell partnership. All IBSC members and their employees can take advantage of preferred pricing on workstations, laptops, ultrabooks, desktops, servers, printers, electronics and accessories.


The SHAZAM network is one of the last remaining member-owned-and-controlled EFT networks and processors in the industry. The independence allows SHAZAM to remain in control of its systems and guarantees access to the electronic payment system for its participants. SHAZAM offers ATM processing, Visa check card and Debit MasterCard  national debit products, card authorization services, merchant processing, ACH services,  and information security solutions. SHAZAM serves nearly, community financial institutions  in 33 states. Visit for more information.


Travelers has been insuring banks for more than a century. Offering a wide range of customized insurance protection, Travelers SelectOne+ SM for Financial Institutions is designed to respond to the most recent trends in banking. This flexible product line provides insurance options to help banks reduce potential gaps and overlaps in coverage, including D&O liability, cyber liability, bankers professional liability, financial institution bonds, ID fraud expense reimbursement and property/casualty coverages. Our dedication to community banks has helped us earn the endorsement of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA). Through this endorsement, we offer special benefits to ICBA members.


• D&O Coverage/Broad definition of insured: includes the insured organization, and subsidiaries, as well as past, present or future directors, officers, international functional equivalents, members of the board of managers, employees, and members of management and advisory committees.

• D&O Coverage/Broad definition of subsidiary: includes any majority-owned corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and 50 percent-owned joint ventures or non-profit entities under management control of named insured including appointment of general partner.

• Bond Coverage: no charge for certain mid-term acquisitions or mergers (less than 25 percent
of the policyholder’s assets) with state-of-the-art language.

• EPL Coverage/Broad definition of insured: includes the insured organization including subsidiaries; members of board of directors and officers; members of board of trustees; members of board of regents, members of board of governors; natural person partners; LLC managers; functional equivalents.

• Cyber Coverage/Third-party (liability) and first-party coverage: provides protection to the insured for liability to others and reimbursement for expenses incurred.

• Identity Fraud Coverage/Dedicated identity fraud claim unit: experts who can provide guidance to insured victim to assist in the reocery of their identity and credit history.

• Kidnap and Ransom Coverage/Loss of ransom monies: reimbursement of corporate and personal asset ransom money—the perils: *Kidnap, *Bodily injury extortion, *Property damage extortion, *Products extortion, *Trade secrets extortion, *E-commerce extortion (including computer virus), *Confiscation, destruction, disappearance or wrongful appropriation during ransom money delivery.

• Fiduciary Coverage/Coverage for civil penalties: under sections 502(i)and 502(I) of ERISA and civil penalties under HIPAA’s privacy provisions.